jQuery Masonry Image Gallery Beta Testing

Please help me out by Beta testing the latest (and hopefully greatest) version of jQuery Masonry Image Gallery. This new version has an option for LazyLoad (the most popular request) and should help with load times on larger galleries.

If you are interested, please put in your name and email below I will reach out to you shortly with a download link and instructions.

Thanks again!!!

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3 thoughts to “jQuery Masonry Image Gallery Beta Testing”

  1. Sounds awesome. But I have this problem that I cannot find a solution anywhere, except to download a theme that has masonry pre-configured.
    Instead of just an image gallery, could you make it so that it can pull up all posts, displaying only the featured image of each post and nothing else.
    I tried using WP Canvas shortcodes but it just does not work for my Hueman site, although an example shown on their demo looks exactly like what I would want.

    Anyway, I will be following your progress.


    1. This is totally possible, but this plugin is only for image galleries. Have you ever done any custom coding or WordPress theme modding?

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