Review: Fever instead of Google Reader

I relied heavily on Google Reader to keep up to date with all of websites/blogs that I read. So when Google announced the death of Google Reader, I had two reactions:

  1. That’s not smart.
  2. What do i do now?

I wanted out of Google Reader ASAP. There really aren’t that many alternatives out there, but I stumbled on (with the help of a few good people) the Fever website. The best way to learn about the application is to watch the demo on the Fever homepage.

Fever is a bit more geeky than Google Reader since it requires you to self-host the application. However, the install is fast and easy. I did have a bit of an issue with the cron, but after working with my hosting provider, I got the refresh script working as promised.

Here are the things I love about Fever:

  1. It’s a new way of looking at old (yet still extremely useful) technology
  2. I’m not afraid adding as many feeds as I want knowing full well I might not get around to reading everything
  3. The keyboard navigation is really awesome and, if you buy Fever, I recommend taking 10 minutes and learning basic commands
  4. It generates an RSS feed of your saved articles. You can take the generated feed, stick it in IFTTT and add your saved articles to Instapaper, Pocket, Facebook, etc…

Here are a few things I do not love about Fever:

  1. The mobile site could be better, but it’s usable on my iPhone 5
  2. The iPad/Tablet site SHOULD/NEEDS to be much better
  3. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PERMISSIONS TO 777 as directed in the install manual. It should work on most hosting providers without this modification. 777 permissions are a no no no no no no and no

Overall, I love Fever and would recommend it to my nerdier friends any day of the week. However, if you do not want a self-hosted option, you might want to keep looking OR sign up for news and early access to Digg Reader.


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